Monday, October 19, 2015

An to XXXX I leave my digital legacy

Today I was delving into the depths of my Google account and came upon the facility to assign an account trustee.

It seems that there was a major update to the account page in May 2015 and this facility of 'future planning' was added. A nice way of saying what happens if you die.

I can assign a 'timeout period'  after which my account is treated as inactive and then my trusted contacts can get access to the data. Alternatively I can specify that Google should delete all of the data.

My bet is that this will become a standard part of account management for all types of online transactions. No doubt it will take the banks a decade or two to catch-up but I am sure that there are people working on this in Amazon as you read these words.

Another 'must have' in the world of an ageing population? Dick Stroud

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