Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is the Digital Health business in need of radical treatment - probably

Bill Gates said that the long term impact of technology is more than we think but is less in the short term. Well words to this effect. He is right.

I get the feeling that the buzz around digital health is not matched by the revenue streams and customer awareness. The industry seems to have fallen into the same trap as many before - is obsessed with the technology and not by the marketing. I get the feeling that it spends a lot time talking to itself.

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs in this sector. Most, I would say, get 110% marks for enthusiasm but a low 50% for realism about the necessary effort to educate and persuade consumers (let alone health professionals) to purchase their creations.

This is the view of the doctor in this article. Laurie Orlov also has a view. Dick Stroud

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