Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Social care for older people in crisis. Heard that before? You will hear it a lot more

I have written a lot about this subject. Today another report on the subject from AgeUK. Lots of words. Same conclusion,

The way the UK is handling its older people is a complete mess.

There is only one positive that can be taken from this report. There is a generation of oldies in their 50s and 60s who have had to grapple with the floundering provision of care by the state who will be planning to do whatever they can to find an alternative solution (i.e purchase care direct from the private sector).

What was the saying 'private affluence public squalor'. I know I am using in a very different way to when it was first quoted but it sums up the stark difference we are facing. 

Most people will have to put up with the best the state can offer (not much). A few will be able to buy there way out of the problem. Dick Stroud

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