Monday, November 02, 2015

"What did he say" Just ask Siri on the new Apple TV

I have just installed a new Apple TV and discovered a feature (amongst many) that I think will be really useful.

Due to hearing issues I sometimes miss out on the dialogue in films, especially when there is loud music playing at the same time.

The wonderful Apple TV remote enables you to ask Siri (the voice recognition app) "What did he say". The film is then rewinds (10 or 15 secs) and the scene is shown again, but this time you have text to accompany the voice. Now is that smart or is that smart.

Methinks that somebody in Apple might be getting to understand some of the issues of physiological ageing.  Look at today's blog posting by Kim Walker titled Men over 65 are Apple's top spending customers  If this is true then it makes good sense to be providing features that make life easier for older consumers. Dick Stroud

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