Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Google's concept of 'Micro Moments' is here to stay - but it should be used with care

Spend a couple of minutes of your life reading this interview with the McKinsey guru who is talking about the customer journey and how it relates to Google's ideas about 'Micro Moments'.

What Google has done is to focus on those customer touchpoints that are enabled by smartphones and tablets. I think this is an important development in the concept of customer journey mapping but it should be handled with care.

If you are not careful you can imagine that the whole world is glued to their smartphones engaging in various parts of product research, purchase, support, post sales support ..... This conclusion is understandable when you look about and see how much time people spend gazing at their phones.

However, there are lots and lots of very important consumers who are loyal to more traditional channels or who make much less use of their smartphones than you would expect.

I guess all I am saying is that whilst the concept of Micro Moments is terrific it needs to be handled with care. If nothing else, the technology delivering the Micro Moments must be age-friendly. That for me is the starting point. Dick Stroud

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