Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I really am warming to the concept of 'micro moments' - so is Netflix

This is not specific to older consumers but applies to them as much as any other other group (well maybe not as much).

I have written about Google's concept of Micro Moments and how it related to the Customer Experience. I think it is one of most interesting concepts to appear in the last year or two.

WARC has an article reporting how Netflix is experimenting with the concept in conjunction with the new ways of delivering short burst of content (video).

I quote from the article.
"More and more now, when we have these micro-moments to connect with people, it's about context, with the attention spans being lower, just due to the volume of video people have to watch, we've used the data as a way of creating a feedback loop of understanding what people are liking and what they're not liking."
One form this experimentation has taken involves breaking attempts at storytelling down into short-form bursts that move beyond entertainment-industry norms.

You young marketers have some interesting and new tools that you can apply to encourage your customers to get out their credit cards (or pay with their smartphones).

I am sure that there is much more work to be done to find the best way of integrating the concept of micro moments and CX but it does have a great deal of potential. Just remember that like all new tools you have to use them appropriately, not just because you can  Dick Stroud

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