Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Brand Relevance Index - interesting concept but I have my doubts

This blog posting is not specifically about older consumers but my musings about the above video.

I have always had a problem with the concept of brand loyalty and all the other emotive words that we load around our 'relationship' with a brand.

The research done by Prophet is interesting and something of a new take on the subject, but I still have my doubts. This is a personal reflection on the brands listed in the top ten that I use (most of them).

Phases like relentless relevance, customer obsession, pervasively innovative, ruthlessly pragmatic are terrific (full marks to the originator) but do they really link to reality and the emotions that means I purchase their products?

For instance, I am forced to use Microsoft because I need to have a Windows platform and every moment I use it makes me long to get back to Apple. Spotify was fantastic until Tidal provided a tangibly better service. Nike's brand promotion and positioning is something to be admired at a professional level but if I want the best gym equipment I would look elsewhere.

For me there is only one company that does tick all of the boxes and that is Apple - maybe Amazon, although I would not define myself as being obsessed by the brand rather in awe at how efficient it works.

Now I know you cannot extrapolate the universe from your own preferences but I think the reason why these ten brands rise to the top is for a much more complex set of reasons than those stated. That all said, I think we can all learn a load of lessons by looking at how they operate. Dick Stroud  

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