Thursday, January 14, 2016

Marriott Hotels values 'cultural competence'. What value on delivering an age-friendly customer experience?

In today’s WARC blog there is a report that Marriott International, the hotel group, is prioritising 'cultural competence' as it seeks to engage the increasingly diverse sets of consumers who are now staying at its properties.

The VP/Multicultural Affairs is quoted as saying: 'We want to make sure that we're culturally competent in terms of how we welcome folks into our hotels – how we deliver and sell to them, and how we delight them.' He explained that such competency requires a deep understanding of how to meet the wants and needs of various different customer cohorts. And getting this strategy right at a highly granular level could prove extremely profitable for Marriott.

You cannot disagree with any of these conclusions. I just wonder if Marriott takes the same level of 'granular strategy planning' when it comes to their older customers? I bet they don’t.

I wonder if Marriott has a VP with responsibility for ensuring that their properties and service are adapting to the changing age of their customers? I bet they don’t. 

Would it be profitable if Marriott were to adopt such an approach? I bet it would. Dick Stroud

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