Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Is Twitter entering a nose dive to oblivion?

This has nothing to do with older consumers, other than I expect they are at the forefront of ditching the use of Twitter.

I was a very early adopting of Twitter and still think it is terrific. My content creation is simple, I use it to amplify the reach of my blog postings.  As a communications tool I use it as way of finding out what is happening, right now, and as a means of keeping in contact with subjects of interest. I guess I am a Joe Average user.

Over the past year or so I have been worried about the way it is being used to bully and intimidate. I am sure I am not alone.

This note from the HBR sums up what seems to be happening.

Why is Twitter's numbers declining? I think the answer’s hidden in plain sight. In case you don’t use Twitter, the unfortunate fact is that today, it’s less like a town square and something more like a mosh pit. Not just freewheeling, irreverent, and rambunctious, but plagued by harassment, abuse, bullying, intimidation, threats — a ceaseless flickering hum of low-level emotional violence.

I wonder if there is any recovering from this situation? Methinks the answer is no. This doesn't mean that the service will fold (it might) but that it will wither away and be left to the 'ceaseless flickering hum of low level emotional violence'.

That would be a great shame. Dick Stroud

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