Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marketing = Advertising & Promotions. Alas, attitudes have not changed in the last 40 years

I have just read one of the most depressing articles I can remember. It was based on two research studies about what marketers are perceived to do and their relative importance, compared with other functions, with companies. Can you believe it, marketers are still primarily seen as being those people responsible for advertising and promotions.

These are some other quotes:

Marketers are still failing to communicate the strategic value of their role to other departments and senior leaders.

Only finance, purchasing and HR are seen as less critical.

There is a feeling among marketers that senior leaders still do not fully appreciate the strategic role of marketing and its potential, meaning the function is often viewed purely as communications-focused.
These are almost word for word the way marketing was perceived when I first became involved, well over 40 years ago.

This might explain why companies are so slow to change their attitudes and techniques to marketing to older consumers. The one group of people that know (or should know) about the importance of this group are pretty much ignored.

These conclusions also raise the issue of where/who in the organisation has responsibility's for the customer experience. It certainly does seem to be marketing.

We might have changed the technology of communicating beyond all recognition but the basic beliefs and structures within companies seem to be set in stone. Dick Stroud

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