Monday, February 01, 2016

Positive first step by Mercer buying the Positive Ageing Company. Now for step two?

This is interesting news: Mercer acquires the Positive Ageing Company.

The headline of the press release says that the acquisition is to help UK companies respond to challenges of ageing workforce.

It is good to see that the message is slowly getting through that companies have to come to terms with the implications of having a lot more older workers.

What is yet to dawn on 99.9% of HR managers is that they will need to re-evaluate all aspects of the working environment to enable older workers to remain productive.

Fact - most work environments are designed for people age 20-50, or there abouts. Little if any consideration is given to the impact of physiological ageing on workers and how they interact with their workplace and the tools that enable them to perform..

Kim Walker and I have been studying this area and the AF Tool we have developed enables companies to audit all aspects of where and how workers perform their job. You can see how the tool is applied to marketing and to the urban environment by downloading the free app from iTunes.

Maybe Mercer would like to talk to us about how they could use the tool in the work they expect to be doing in the ageing world? Dick Stroud

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