Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The cost of ageing in the US - not for the faint-hearted

My previous blog post about the research conducted by the ILC was depressing. I think the infographic about the cost of ageing in the US is even more negative.

I haven't embedded the infographic because it very large - best you look at it on the web site.

There is of course an upside to these negative views. Wherever there is a problem there is an opportunity for somebody to solve it, or at least solve it for those that can pay.

The bottom line to both the ILC and the US analysis is that individuals and the 'state' are not prepared for the associated costs of ageing. For some (about 10 - 20%) they will have the financial resources to purchase a solution. For the others it creates an opportunity for companies that can deliver healthcare and assistance in a radical new way and cost. Dick Stroud

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