Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A single Europe? Huge differences in employment opportunities by age cohort

You might be aware that the UK has been having 'issues' with Europe/EU over the past few weeks.

It does amuse me that we talk about the EU or Europe as if it is some single entity.

These charts show the difference in risks of poverty or social exclusion in two of the area's largest countries.

Do you see the pattern? Exactly, there isn't one.

In Spain the 55+ have been doing pretty well, unlike the young. In Germany there is little difference between the ages.

Big differences exist between all of the EU countries, unfortunately there are a lot more like Spain than Germany.

I think when people eulogise about the EU they have in their mind a combination of German efficiency, French food and Italian style. If only life was that simple.

This is basic stuff that marketers should understand. Unless you understand the mega social and economic factors you cannot hope to succeed with tactical marketing. Dick Stroud

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