Monday, July 25, 2016

Want secure your employment? Healthcare is a sure fire winner

This chart shows that in the US, Healthcare is fast moving to be the number one employer of staff.

This should not be a surprise, since an ageing population generates a huge demand for healthcare support.

The second factor that propels Healthcare to the top of the employment list is the inability for so many of its employment tasks to be automated.

This report from McKinsey is excellent at showing those jobs that can and cannot be automated.

The clerical tasks involved in healthcare along with the analysis of data are ripe for automation, but hands-on care is unlikely to be automated, despite the Japanese attempts to build robots to do the work.

In the UK healthcare, especially that for older people, is perceived as a low status (and pay) task. Hence the number of people from Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania etc that are employed in the sector. Somehow I don't think this will remain the case as large waves of older people are willing to pay for their care. Dick Stroud

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