Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Well Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton, what are you going to do about these ageing issues?

Ken Dychtwald, the guy who has been talking about ageing for what seems like an eternity, has posed four questions for the US Presidential candidates. I doubt it he expects to get an answer, well I sincerely hope not since I think there are 0% odds are that he will.

It is worth looking at his questions because they are just as relevant to the UK, if not more so.

I will paraphrase his points - maybe he would object to me being so blunt. so apologies in advance.

Point 1. The healthcare system is not fit for purpose and is collapsing, it has the wrong structure, wrong skills and commits a derisory amount of funds researching the main age related illnesses - especially Dementia.

Point 2. Most older people are going to have a tough to dreadful financial existence since they don't have sufficient financial assets (other than their property)

Point 3. Society is institutionally ageist.

Point 4. There are hoards of older people who will not have any rationale or structure to how they spend their post work lives.

I am going to whisper this, since it is a tad scary. There is nothing that government can do to make any difference to these issues, at least for the next couple of decades. Still it is worth asking the question. Dick Stroud

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