Monday, April 12, 2021

I have moved on from the Ageing Business

In July 2003 I wrote my first blog post about what became to be known as the ‘Ageing Business’. It was titled ‘Web usability – still not taken seriously’. How seriously is taken today? More than it was, not as much as it should.

Looking back over the topics I blogged about - there are 3,000 posts – it is surprising (and depressing) how little has changed.

I have now moved on from writing, thinking and consulting about ageing and marketing to pastures new. However, I thought I would leave the blog in place because it provides a good historical account of how marketers tried to cope - or totally ignored – demographic change and the fact that consumers were, and still are, getting older.

My business website (20plus30) has been 'retired' and now acts as a portal to my other websites. If you want to know what I have been doing with my life you can find out from Details about may latest book (nothing to do with ageing) can be found at tthe secondary mod

I think the future is bright, for those of you working in the Ageing Business. But then I have always been an optimist about the subject. 

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