Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The new AARP ad – why?

You can read about this ad in brandweek that had an interview with the organisation’s head of marketing. This is the response to the question what’s the creative strategy in a nutshell?

This is a campaign that is in essence celebrating the fact that our members and the 50-plus population as a whole are not done having goals and dreams, and they’re still growing and discovering [themselves]. What found in our research is that our members tell us they have a great deal more to do and that they’re not done [living life] yet. One can argue that your best years are still ahead in this campaign. We’re using that emotional connection to launch this year’s brand and story campaign. We will evolve it through the year, and it’ll stay very focused. As you’ve seen in the ads, it’ll revolve around that ultimate question of, “What do I want to do next in today’s environment?”

Let’s de-clutter this explanation and get to the core of the argument: The 50-plus population still have goals and dreams and things to do. Yes. I get that. But so what? What am I supposed to do now?

Maybe I am missing something but I found this ad very pleasant but unsatisfying. Maybe I am missing something? Dick Stroud

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago AARP ran an ad that had children talking about adult concerns. I thought it manipulative and creepy:


This year someone said, "Hey, I got an idea! Let's get creepier! We'll script a bunch of phrases that sound like children - and have them come out the mouths of Baby Boomers! 'When I grow up ...', things like that!