Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Deloitte & Touch have just published a report called: “The State of the Media Democracy”.

Over 2,000 US consumers were contacted by the Harrison Group. Unfortunately, the analysis is done using the old fashioned segment definitions. Just to remind you: Millennials (ages 13-24) and Matures (61-75). When are we going to bury these useless age groupings once and fall!

Most of the ‘highlights’ are motherhood statements. Here are some stats for your presentations

40% all survey respondents are into user generated content (editing movies, music and photos) (25% of all Matures and 56% of all Millennials).

Printed magazines seem to be popular with all generations (72% enjoy reading magazines over finding the same information online)

And that is about it. Seems very little useful stuff from interviewing 2000 people. Dick Stroud

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