Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Web habits of the 55-plus

I have just stumbled upon some research by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA): Silver Surfers Report (not the most original of titles).

There are lots of bits and pieces of interest in the report. This is the chart that I found the most useful. It shows the types of web sites used by the over-55s compared with the result for all ages. Notice, not that much difference. Dick Stroud

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rogerd said...

It's a bit surprising that the over-55 gap in social network use isn't all that big (18% vs 23%). With the huge usage of youth-oriented networks like MySpace and Facebook, I would have anticipated a larger difference. Then again, I see a lot of community participation by both women and men in the 55+ range in specialty discussion forums and the like.

Thanks for posting this interesting data.