Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whatever happened to Focalyst

I just received a spam comments on one of my old blog posting that featured Focalyst.

That got me thinking. Whatever happened to Focalyst.

The web site is still there but on the news page the last entries are for 2008. The last report, for download was published in 2008.

I am amazed that AARP and Millward Brown would still let the thing fester on if it was dead - maybe there has been no news or anything to report since 2008? Anybody know the answer?


Chuck Nyren said...

I don't have an answer - just an opinion.

A colleague with the initials MT predicted its demise years ago. Maybe we should ask him.

Matt Thornhill said...

From what I've heard, it was absorbed by Millward Brown, and is a "service" capability within that research firm.

They found that their initial idea of doing omnibus studies among older adults, funded by ten or so major sponsors, then selling the data to others didn't work. Instead, they found clients didn't see the value in the general studies and wanted custom research.

So they turned it into a custom research specialty within Millward Brown. AARP Services detached from it two years ago.

I mentioned the change in status in my March 26, 2009 newsletter.

It's okay that you missed it. I had a big story about Boomers and Alzheimer's in that same issue. You probably remembered that.

(Matt Thornhill)

Dick Stroud said...

There you go, I knew somebody would know the answer. Thanks Matt.