Friday, June 17, 2011

The importance of the older female buyer

Media Post contains some stuff about research into the importance of the female buyer. Nothing that will surprise anybody who reads my blog – that said – it is nice to see the same messages coming from other sources.

Q: So what's the biggest misconception marketers have these days about women shoppers?

A: Misunderstanding generational differences. For example, advertisers are constantly aiming for younger women, when it's pretty clear that Baby Boomer women are the most influential shoppers. And there's this idea that older women are less tech-savvy, but the digital divide is decreasing across generations. Almost 60% of Gen Y and Gen X women read inserts and direct mail, for example, and Gen Y women are the most likely to actually take a piece of direct mail with them when they go into the store. Gen Y women are the most likely to watch TV, and say that TV is important to them.

I don’t think you will be surprised with any other of the research’s conclusions. Dick Stroud

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