Friday, June 17, 2011

The UK Apprentice tries to selling and oldies free magazine

The task was to come up with the concept for a new free magazine and then to pitch it to three media agencies.

One of the groups decided that an oldies magazine had the most potential. This video shows the results. There is a very short break between each of the pitches.

I think it is useful seeing just how strong the oldies stereotypes are in the heads of some young people and just how much work is needed to align their ideas of the world with reality.

Needless to say, this group lost. Dick Stroud


Ann @CreativeBoomer said...

These kinds of persistent stereotypes are why we need to market to ourselves.

Brent Green said...

The presenter said, in effect, "We're taking the (60+) demographic, who by their definition are becoming more modern ... and keeping it fresh." My reaction was, "My generation invented modern, and our sense of modern still dominates popular culture today ... in movies, books, music and even fashion." We've never known anything but "modern." So that's where you begin the process of creating a magazine targeting our demographic. "Hip Replacement"? How about creating a magazine targeting the youth cohort entitled "Tat Replacement"?