Friday, June 10, 2011

Look - nfpSynergy have done my PEST analysis'

What are the key political, economic and social trends are influencing the ways in which
charities work today? What relevance – if any – do low interest rates, migration or
technological innovation have for non-profit organisations seeking to meet
contemporary challenges head on, make the most of their resources and continue to
serve their beneficiary groups?

The nice people at nfpSynergy have saved you the trouble of doing the research. What a good idea for a white paper.

Interesting to see that one of their recommendations is that the over-65s are overlooked and for charities to stop stereotyping people as they live longer and longer lives. The report goes on to say: "Indeed if there is one thing to come out of this report, it is that there is as much difference within generations as between them."

I think we would all agree with that observation. Dick Stroud

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