Friday, June 10, 2011

What's different between urban and rural older people

The International Longevity Centre publises good quality (free) reports. The one I have recently been reading is called: "Can Localism work for Older People in Urban Environments? Perspectives from the British Social Attitudes Survey."

Marketers should understand the trends about where older people are going to live and the differences between urban and rural old.

For instance, less than one-in-twenty older people (aged 65+) in urban areas had a household income of £44,000 or above, compared to one-in-ten in rural areas; similarly while only a quarter of older people had an income below £15,000 in rural areas, this rose to almost half (46%) in urban areas.

Whilst marketing to an urban audience might be easier it might be a lot harder if they happen to be older people. Dick Stroud

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