Sunday, July 31, 2011

Care Innovations Connect

This development is the first tangible output I have seen from the Intel-GE Care Innovations venture.

I am sure there have been others but they must have passed me by.

Excuse the management speak but this is what the organisation says about itself.

Staying social and maintaining friendships is essential to health and longevity. Optimizing the physical, cognitive and emotional well being of seniors is central to maintaining an independent, healthy lifestyle. Intel-GE Care Innovations™ is your technology partner to help community members stay connected at the touch of a finger. Discover Care Innovations™ Connect -- an easy-to-use digital experience that functions as a wellness communications device and social networking hub all-in-one.

Rather than explain what this system does it is easy for you view the videos.

I have to be honest, but this all looks a tad to ‘corporate’. I am sure the systems are first rate but I would think that the user interface could do with touch of human design.

From what I can see of the system it is great for the person who is looking after a group of older people to keep tabs on what they are doing but I wonder if is going to knock the socks of the user?

Whatever, the GE-Intel should be congratulated for trying to tackle the serious problem of isolation that affects so many older people. Dick Stroud

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