Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silver Travel Advisor

I haven’t seen this web site before. It looks well constructed and to contain some interesting and amusing content.

I particularly liked the useful tips for older travellers that I read in the Economist blog (that was a good bit of publicity for the company).

Things to pack for older travellers:

A local phrase book – to wedge a few pages under wobbly bar tables to avoid spilt drinks
Wet wipes – great for cleaning red wine stains off the hotel bedroom carpet

The problem these sites have, like any other that target the older market, is that they compete with age-neutral sites offering the same and often much better information. For example I noticed a hotel on the site that I haven’t stayed at and found there were 2 comments from past visitors. I went to Tripadvisor and found 552 comments. Which of the two web sites is likely to capture my attention the most?

A nice feature of the site is to offer personal advice. That would be the feature I would be promoting.

I wish them all the best of luck with this venture. It deserves to do well. Dick Stroud

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