Friday, July 08, 2011

F-Commerce and age - JWT report

This report (Social Commerce) from JWT is not specifically about the affect of age on the use of commerce associated with Facebook but a lot of analysis addresses this question.

The publishers blurb says that it examines three trends:
The rise of Facebook commerce (retailers selling directly on Facebook)
What innovative retailers and others are doing in these area
Things to from apps that enable sharing while shopping to Facebook Credits.
The age stuff is interesting but not surprising. Really it is just what you would expect knowing the age profile of Facebook users.

The thing that surprises me is how low the interest level is from Millennials. Normally when you ask somebody a question "would you be interested" the answers is normally yes - assuming that it is a vaguely interesting/positive thing.

I wonder if these figures are not showing something of the Facebook-fatigue that we keep reading about? Dick Stroud

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