Sunday, July 10, 2011

Men and women and health - big difference

Flexcin produces a medication of joint pain.

In one of its blog postings it found the following differences for how men and women use products.

48.3% of women are more proactive in taking Flexcin as a means for joint health care compared with men at 26.5%

15.3% of men order Flexcin for wife; but 83.4% of women order Flexcin for husband.

79.1% of women stay committed to daily use through first three months; only 53.2% for men.

64.6% of women inquire about Flexcin earlier in the joint discomfort process; most men inquire when pain is more severe (55.2%) and joint stiffness has set in.

These results are in line with my own observations about the gender differences indicating that it is an uphill task selling wellness to men. At least selling wellness for the cohort of men who are currently in need of joint pain relief. I am sure (ish) that the gender differences will reduce in future age cohorts. Dick Stroud

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