Saturday, July 09, 2011

iPads are for relaxing - for now

Thanks to David Weigelt’s excellent video newsletter for highlighting this research about the usage pattern of iPads., the URL shortening service, analysed the web usage data of the millions links flowing through its network. Their findings (via ReadWriteWeb) confirm what I thought from the day the iPad was launched. People mostly use the device during evenings, when we get home from work. Normal usage patterns for smartphones and computers involve two big spikes, in early morning and mid-morning. This reflects a typical usage pattern for the vast majority of employed.

Who wants to sit hunched in their chair for another 2-3 hour browser session when they get home? Much better to lay back and relax with a tablet in their hand.  As expected, peek usage times for iPad are between 8pm and bed time.

This is what the PC gurus couldn’t get their heads around when the iPad was launched. It is a relaxing lifestyle device not a PC substitute.

How long this distinction will last is uncertain. I am seeing increasing numbers of young people using the iPad as their primary work computer when they are travelling. It will be interesting to see the patterns in 12 months time. Dick Stroud

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