Saturday, July 09, 2011

New Age UK ad - any thoughts?

This ad has a difficult message to convey. The ad starts with the line: “ It is not easy being old – many of us live in poverty and isolation.”

This is spoken by a well looking cheery older lady who then leads the ad into 40 secs of very happy looking people having a good time.

I know that the ad is a vehicle to display all of the things that Age UK does and is aimed at supporters and donors not users.

I just wonder if there isn’t too much of a mismatch between the message and the visuals?

A very subsidiary point. The music for the ad 'Chicken Payback' has an uncanny similarity to a track in the film Practical Magic by Harry Nilsson called Coconut.

I hope the ad does well, because if there was ever a time for the services provided by Age UK it is now. I have to say that the comments from my friends have not been encouraging. Dick Stroud

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