Friday, August 19, 2011

40-50 and 50-60 led the number of current tablet owners

Older US consumers, especially the wealthy type, are getting the tablet (for that read iPad) habit - certainly if you believe this research.

I don’t think you should quote these numbers as representing the universe of older Americans - the research company admits that the sample was "skewed toward a significant higher average income".

What I think is a trend that you can take as being universal is that: "83% of people questioned said they could not do without a computer at present, and only 11% could foresee a time in the future then they were unlikely to require one."

This means that tablets, and in the case of this sample almost all iPads, are purchased in addition to the existing notebook/PC. Certainly, that is the case with me and my friends.

The final quote from the research: "Across the entire panel, 94% of consumers suggested tablets would primarily be used for personal purposes."  Why has it taken the technology pundits so long to understand that the iPad - at least for now - is a fun device.

Being one of a diminishing bunch of people who worked for IBM when it ruled the world but would not accept that the Mini and the PC were going to become the next generation of computing, I see a lot of similarities with MS who seems to have put its head firmly in the sand and hoped the tablet/app world would go away. Sorry guys it is still around and growing stronger by the day. Dick Stroud

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