Friday, August 19, 2011

I know this is not a laughing matter but..

The Daily Mirror, one of the UK’s Red-Tops, had a short item about the worrying trends of the over-50s and sexually transmitted diseases.

Apparently, the Coop Pharmacy, a very dreary organisation - it is hard for a pharmacy to be a bundle of laughs -  has researched the subject and found the following results - I quote:

One in three of us have had unprotected sex on holiday, with older people the worst offenders.
Almost 20% of those in their 50s do not use condoms, compared to 6% of people aged 22 to 25 and 4% of 26 to 30-year-olds.
The over-50s blamed a lack of condoms and the influence of booze for their carelessness, while women blamed embarrassment.
The reasons I find this amusing is that unfortunately I have had to visit a Coop Pharmacy on far too many occasions and looking around at the their older customers I find it difficult, nay impossible, to believe that they are part of the casual sex older generation.

I will look at my fellow customers with a different eye.

This is not a new subject as can be seen from the much more detailed article from last Sept. I wonder if this is just a British problem or if our older American cousins have the same issue? Dick Stroud

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