Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Consumer has fallen out of love with advertiser

 I recently sat through a presentation by a guy from Microsoft – supposedly about technology and the ageing population.

I suspect (like 99% certain) that he took his standard PowerPoint slides and tried to adapt as he went along to the requirements of the audience.

What was so amusing was that he showed this video. I think it is a great way of illustrating the potential for advertisers to shout and consumers to turn-off. What didn’t occur to the presenter was that he was doing exactly the same as the guy in the video – shouting a standard message.

In addition to this video he talked a bit about Connect and its application to ageing / disabilities. Not that convincingly but it confirms my views that the Connect / iPad / Wii interfaces and the new ones that will be with us in the next 12 months have fantastic applications for the older consumer. Dick Stroud

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