Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A bunch of lefties have formed an outfit called the Intergenerational Foundation

This is a rant and has nothing to do with 50-plus marketing.

However, if you are interested in the weirdos that emerge from under the stones, during recessionary times, you might want to read on.

Basically, this 'Foundation" believes that: “Britain’s policy-makers are more interested in helping the old than the young.”

One of their ideas is to withdraw some universal benefits to those (I assume only those who are over-65) living in houses worth more than £500,000. Good to see that they are a caring and sharing bunch! 

Looking through the press and you find one of their supporters is the pathetic  Tessa Jowell. This is woman who didn’t have the wit to notice that her mortgage had been paid because she was too busy. OK, her husband was a crook but that illustrates her poor taste in men – she also has poor taste in the company she keeps and supports.

 The UK already has a government that is kicking the hell out of the older age group by keeping interest rates close to zero and letting inflation rip. There is even talk of not uprating pension by the inflation rate since it an ‘exceptional’ item.

Add to all of the policy of printing money that drives down the rate of return older people gets from their pension annuity.

If that was not bad enough the press has been full of the horrendous conditions that old people have to put up with in the NHS and care homes. I suppose this bunch probably think they deserved it for being so beastly to their children and grandchildren.

Into this mess we get this bunch of fools who come out with statements like: “The Intergenerational Foundation’s Hoarding on Housing report found that 51.5% of over-65s live in homes with two or more bedrooms they do not need or use. “ Who says they don’t need or use them? Don't you just love the accuracy to 0.5%.

No doubt they will get airtime in the lefty media of the Guardian, Independent and the BBC. What a bunch of plonkers. Dick Stroud

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