Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Go, go, go, boom, boom boom...the language of Boomers?

The Huffington Post has just published the first edition of Huff Post /50  - the online age portal/news site / hang-out for Boomers that I talked about in a previous blog when it was originally called Huff Post / 40. 

The editor (Rita Wilson who is Tom Hanks wife) penned the opening article. The tone and language had an uncanny similarity to the style of Jeff Taylor when he was originally advertising Eons.com (see ad) 

Whilst writing this blog post I found an interview between Taylor and Joe Coughlin (who runs AgeLab). This must have been done before Eons was sold. As I said when Eons was originally launched, Taylor talks a lot of sense. Unfortunately, there were not enough older people who shared his vision of social networking and ageing.

Let's hope that Rita Wilson has more luck than Jeff in capturing the attention of the Boomers. Dick Stroud

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