Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not that many oldies at the Occupy Wall Street happening

The Fast Company has been trying to put some demographics numbers around the Occupy Wall Street event - protest-street-party-phenomenon......or whatever you want to call it.

I had a look through Google at the images of the event and found it very difficult to "spot the oldie". But I did find one.

Now I am sure that the statistical validity of the conclusions of a survey of 1,619 visitors to the site is ziltch but it worth repeating.

Here are the numbers :
64% of respondents are younger than 34
20% is 45 or older.

The numbers are a bit like the use of mobiles in the early days.  

A bit of marketing advice to the protesters. Unless you can verbalise a half sensible alternative policy then you will fade away like the Autumn leaves. Anger will only drive you for so long and keep up the momentum. You need tangible (and sensible) demands. Dick Stroud

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