Sunday, December 23, 2012

Financial advice for older people - I wonder if they listen

I get a lot of writers and journalists contacting me about things they have and want to write.

Recently I was contacted by a writer who has created some content about retirement planning. I think it is well written and makes a lot of sense.

My fear is whether the people who it is most applicable to firstly read it and then understand it?

There is mounting quantitative evidence (something that anybody who works with older consumers already knows) that most (yes I mean the majority) don't have the first clue about their finances and how they are going to survive their retirement.

The level of financial literacy is terrible. It is almost like, in fact it is probably exactly like, that older people don't want to think about the subject.

So coming back to their content - well written. Let's hope it hits the right audience. Dick Stroud

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