Sunday, December 23, 2012

Interesting move by PepsiCo to create liquid snacks

Ever since working for a client that was developing a food additive product to help reduce the effects of Sarcopenia - before you go dashing off to Wikipedia, let met give you their definition: ..from the Greek meaning "poverty of flesh" it is the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass...- I have been interested in the food supplements market for older consumers.

It is going to be huge. Think of very big and then double it.

So I was very interested to see that PepsiCo is embarking on a strategy of creating liquid snacks.

The company's head honcho was very coy about saying exactly what this implied but cited a drinkable oatmeal sold in Brazil as an example, along with the company’s line of Naked juice drinks, which are packed with calories, vitamins and sometimes protein.

I suspect that during 2013 PepsiCo will enter this market. Well if they have any sense they will be researching and commercialising products as we speak/read. Dick Stroud

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