Saturday, January 19, 2013

A detailed look at ageing in the North of England

This chart shows forecasted demographic change in the North of England.

The numbers of people with Limiting Long Term Illnesses (LLTI) will rise, the labour force will fall and the Old Age Support Ratio (OSR) will decrease. This is the ratio of the number of working age people (assuming they have employment) to specific group of older people.

The situation could be 'worse' if it were not for immigration that will cause the ethnic composition of the population to change, largely linked to numbers of incoming students and higher birth-rates amongst migrant communities.

The bottom line is that the pressures on employment, wealth generation, healthcare and care services will be immense. 

It is only when you look in details at parts of a country do you get a real feel for the impact that ageing will have on social fabric of the country. Dick Stroud

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