Monday, January 14, 2013

Technology is great and terrific But and another But

I have just been watching a brief video about WARC's take on the most important things that will occurring in marketing during 2013. For some strange reason you cannot embed the video code so you will have to use this link.

I really like what WARC has to say but I wonder if it hasn't fallen into the trap of looking of over-rating the importance of technology.

As I have said many time, I am the greatest techno fan but I am in a minority - a big minority. Not only older people but a lot of young people have a very simplistic understanding and use of technology.

When you live your life surrounded by peers who are as engaged with the latest app and use of 'big data' as you then it is easy to think the fabric of markets have moved more than they have. All marketers should have a note on their desk saying that in the short term we over-estimate the effects of technology but under-estimate them in the long-term. Dick Stroud 

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