Thursday, August 01, 2013

New UK agency that focuses on the older market

A new agency in the UK that specialises in marketing to older consumers.

I know a lot of the people involved. They are a good bunch.

This is what Wise Guys says about itself.

Wise Guys are a group of experts drawn from all sides of the marketing communications industry: from PR to media planning, TV production to photography, and creative design and copywriting to market research.
However, unlike many think tanks, Wise Guys have one other crucial combination of factors in common.
They each have the wisdom of age, a lifetime in their chosen career, and the nous of a seasoned consumer.
Our clients in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific always say there is a lack of local expertise in understanding the dynamics, behaviours and drivers of the older consumer. Wise Guys should be well place to meet that requirement.

I wish them every good fortune. Dick Stroud

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