Monday, August 05, 2013

So what do baby boomers want to do on the holidays?

This article in Forbes reckons US baby boomers spend $157 billion on trips every year and many rank travel as our No. 1 leisure activity.

I have no idea if this is right or wrong but I don’t think anybody would dispute that having holidays is important to the older consumer.

Forbes reports some research carried out by the Preferred Hotel Group and reckons that the seven most popular type of holidays are:

1. Ecotourism
2. Adventure
3. Medical Tourism  (i.e. combining getting that new hip with some sun)
4. Multigenerational
5. Bucket List (i.e. Going to places before body and bank account say enough is enough)
6. Passions (i.e. I have always wanted to learn how to XYZ)
7. Spiritual (i.e. the body might be giving up but I can still refresh and extend the mind)

The article goes into a lot more detail on each of these.

Not a bad list but , I suspect, very much the types of holidays/trips of the top quartile of older consumers. Somehow I reckon that the 60 year old who is wondering how to pay the mortgage and is looking for a job might be looking for something more modest. Dick Stroud

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