Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What happens when the caregivers become careneeders? You could make a lot of money

Rarely do you find a sure fire certainty in business but if you understand what this chart is saying then you are gazing at an amazing market opportunity.

This chart is taken from a document just published by AARP and shows how the ratio of those needing care to those able to give it changes during the next 30+ years. The information is for the US and if anything the situation in the UK will be even worse. 

Read the document for the detailed definition of the ratio that is being measured but basically it shows that during the next 30 years there will be a massive reduction in the numbers of family members who will be able to provide care. This means it will have to be provided by private industry or/and the level of care old people receive will plummet.

I am afraid that both of these things will happen. There will be a rapid increase in the demand for quality care services and a lot of older people will have a wretched life. Dick Stroud

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