Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So what did you say this digital health is all about?

Clearly, Laurie Orlov (Aging in Place Technology Watch) has had all she can take of the mumbo jumbo that is spouted about Digital Health. It is not the subject but the way that so many people think that if they toss in the air the current lexicon on trending tech words it results in an explanation or definition.

I just love this quote she has from a video on the subject: "The lexicon of Digital Health is extensive and includes all or elements of mHealth (aka Mobile Health), Wireless Health, Health 2.0, eHealth, Health IT, Big Data, Health Data, Cloud Computing, e-Patients, Quantified Self and Self-tracking, Wearable Computing, Gamification, Telehealth & Telemedicine, Precision and Personalized Medicine, plus Connected Health."

Did you get that? Did you spot anything that was missing?

Do read the full blog, it is very funny. Dick Stroud

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