Wednesday, August 07, 2013

What were the experts on ageing thing 20 years ago - an amazing video

In 1995, four outspoken pioneers in the fields of ageing, medicine, public policy and women's rights spoke at the American Society on Ageing. The video of this event is now on YouTube. It is nearly 2 hours long and profoundly inspiring and depressing.

If you only can watch one speaker look at Dr. Robert Butler (Founding Director of the National Institutes on Ageing and Pulitzer Prize winning).

I was left thinking, how little has changed. Robert Butler raised all of the issues that we are still debating as if they are new - this is nearly 20 years ago. His insights are amazing. The problems he was identifying then are the same today only they have got worse.

I am afraid that he was overly optimistic. So many of the things he thought would happen haven't. Things he thought would improve have got worse. Things we thought would be developed are now further away then ever. Do watch. His session starts at 08.11. Dick Stroud

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