Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Exploring the Benefits Engagement Challenge - report from Barclays

The part of Barclays that provides companies with advice about employee benefits has just published a report showing that different generations want different types of benefits. Not really ground breaking stuff.

Unfortunately, the writers of the report have fallen into the trap of producing a generational chart (click on the above image) showing the preferences of each of age cohorts.

I know why companies do this (I have done it) but it needs to be accompanied by a LARGE health warning that it is a very crude approximation.

Still the report is worth a read. Do remember that Barclays has a vested interest into talking-up the complexity of benefit requirements.

Just a bit of advice for the communications people at Barclays. Why have you embedded a video in your web site that provides no functionality for a guy like me to embed in my blog - why? The video is not a secret, why not try and get the widest possible audience?

Why not make the report available on your web site rather than give a contact e-mail address who does not respond - especially when the report is available on the web on other sites?

I really shouldn't keep giving away this free advice. Dick Stroud

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