Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bad news -many US Boomers face chronic illness. Good news - the death rate is falling

What a depressing headline.

The 2014 statistics, from the US's National Center for Health Statistics, concludes that the "prevalence of diabetes and obesity among Baby Boomers remains remarkably high and is a public health concern," BUT that "interventions focusing on heart health are beginning to pay off."

Bottom line is that we have the drugs and medical treatments to keep more people with chronic conditions alive for longer. Terrific.

Before any Brit who is reading this starts thinking - well that is Americans for you - consider these findings.

For Brits born in the 1970s - the median age for becoming overweight was 41, compared with 48 for those born in 1946 and 44 for those born in 1958.

Children born since the 1980s were up to three times more likely than older generations to be overweight or obese by the age of 10.

Latest figures for England suggest a fifth (yes 20%) of children joining primary school are now obese or overweight.

I wonder how many companies are considering how they need to respond to a world of older (probably thinner) customers and younger (probably fatter)? 

What these findings scream at me is that there has never been a time where it is more important that marketers understand and respond to the physiological reality of their customers. Dick Stroud  

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