Thursday, May 21, 2015

Customer Experience - Apple style. Even if you hate Apple you have to respect the way it do things

I am a BIG Apple fan, so I will be the first to say that I have a rather biased view about the way the company operates - let alone the products and services it creates.

Yesterday my Apple watch arrived - about 10 days ahead of schedule. Do I like it? You bet I do, however, this blog posting has nothing to do with the watch itself. Believe me I will write a lot about that at some future date.

No I want to comment about the the stuff that goes on surrounding the watch.

Firstly, the packaging. A terrific combination between functional, easy to use and very stylish. It starts with the easy to find and use tag on the cardboard box and ends with the sleek long box and instructions. It would be fascinating to see what you get when you order the expensive version rather than my bottom of the range Sports.

Next, the e-mail that then arrives with really useful videos on how to use the thing.

Then the e-mail giving me the chance to schedule an online one-to-one session to help set-up the watch and the options of going to a store for a personal session.

None of these things are revolutionary or that difficult to do. The thing about Apple is that it does them and does them well.

So before beginning to use the watch I feel looked-after and in control of the channels to get assistance, should I need it. So far Apple has scored a perfect 10/10 on my customer experience measure before I start fire up the watch. Dick Stroud

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