Thursday, July 23, 2015

The retail healthcare revolution will radically change how we stay well - another new market for Amazon?

If you are interested in the world of Healthcare (and who isn't) you should read this article in the magazine s+b (published by Booz & Company).

Way back in late 2013 I blogged about the way that consumers are increasingly taking control of their healthcare with the assistance of Dr.Google and nurse pharmacy.

The article in s+b takes a current look at this issue and it contains lots of insights and current market stats.

My doctor friends tell me that it the 'worried well' who are getting more and more things that worry them about their health. I disagree.

Of course this is part of the explanation why so many more retail medical diagnostic products are available. In the UK the much more important explanation is the crumbling of the state health service (NHS) under the increasing demand of the ageing population and its abysmal organisation and culture, especially it primitive digital infrastructure.

I think this transition to retail medicine has a long way to go. Either the traditional providers (or attempted providers) of medical assistance take advantage of this or they fight it. To start with the latter will be their chosen option.

The BIG elephant in the room is that people most likely to take advantage of these new tools are not those in most need. The very old will not be able to use them and it will beyond the grasp of the those with a poor education (probably the majority in the UK).

The diagnostics phase of healthcare requires great IT, ultra fast moving logistics and scale. Does any organisation come to mind. Let me think again. Ahhhh, of course  - Amazon. Dick Stroud

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