Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yet another contribution to the intergenerational fairness argument

The futile ‘debate’ about intergenerational fairness keeps going round in circles.

There are elements of the right and left of the political spectrum that delight in painting oldies as the baddies and their children and grandchildren as the victims. I put it down to them not getting on with their parents!

Well the TUC (an organization representing UK trade unions) has got into the act and published a paper on the subject

Much to my amazement it is not bad in the quality of its analysis.  This joins the recent publication from the Ready for Ageing Alliance saying pretty much the same thing.

Of course neither papers will make a jot of difference. Those that reckon it is all the fault of the oldies will continue in that belief. Facts are pesky little blighters that keep spoiling things.

As far as I can see the positive value of these publications is that they provide a lot more data (not that any was required) about the state of the wealth and income distribution in the UK. Dick Stroud

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